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Administrators adding up awards

23 mei 2007
'FIRE!' yells Egor. He’s the main character in Administrators, a red-hot animated short about the absurdities of an administrative bureaucracy in times of crisis. Little Egor gets tangled in the system. For director Roman Klochkov (25), the story is based partly on his own experiences with administration.
Thanks to this little masterpiece, Klochkov graduated with highest honours at the renowned animation film department of KASK in Ghent. In recent months, Klochkov has added up one award after the other: the Franciscus Pycke Prize (Hogeschool Gent, Ghent), the ACE Student Award (Flanders International Film Festival, Ghent), the Canvas Prize (Het Grote Ongeduld, Short Film Festival, Brussels), the Audience Award at IKL (International Short Film Festival, Leuven), plus the SABAM Prize as well as the BeTV Prize (Anima, Brussels). Administrators is also selected in the official programme of the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy and for the International Animation Festivals of Melbourne and London. Although he tried out different techniques during his education, such as oil painting on glass and puppet animation, Klochkov prefers to start out from his drawings on paper. ‘The other techniques did not give me a satisfactory level of control. Besides, I like to draw,’ he explains. For Administrators he made almost 5,000 drawings, that were scanned in by a 2D computer and then coloured. He hardly used any special effects but spent a lot of time finding the right voices, all except one (Russian) native speakers to give the English speaking characters the right accent. Singer-songwriter Tiffany Veys (23) composed the musical score. Klochkov has been living in Belgium for eight years now, but is still very influenced by the animated movies he saw on television during his childhood in Kazachstan. Among his influences, he mentions Russian masters like Eduard Nazarov, Fedor Khituk, Alexander Tatarsky, Igor Kovaliev, Konstantin Bronzit and, of course, Youry Norstein. ‘Their animated movies are witty and they have great story lines. They appeal to me not only because they remind me of my childhood, but also because I really like the technique these film makers used. Hedgehog in the fog by Norstein for example, which used to be shown on television all the time, had a great impact on me as a child. To me, it was melancholic, spooky and exciting at the same time. Recently it was voted the best short animation movie ever.‘ Today, Roman is studying to become a teacher but he also has been busy with his next animated short: ‘I have been working on it for a while, but I have not finished the storyboard yet.’ Although he realises there is quite a long road ahead, his ultimate goal is to make a feature-length animated movie. ‘But all in good time. Besides, I cannot start on a new story until the one I am working on is finished.’ Links: