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Animated music video gives Scala a boost!

3 november 2008
Scala & the Kolacny Brothers are very pleased with the music video of Raintears, from their new album Paper Plane.
'The record company even decided to release the song as a single together with the music video and the video is being used as an opener for their concerts', says director Steven Huybrechts.Scala, the choir with angelic girl voices conducted by the classically educated brothers Steven and Stijn Kolacny, has been very successful in recent years with their interpretations of rock and pop classics. On their new album, they present original songs for the first time. For Raintears, one of the songs on Paper Plane, they wanted an animated music video and asked Steven Huybrechts from Inbetweenmagic to do the job.raintears'They sent me the lyrics, it was a simple story about a girl on a train that had just said goodbye to her boyfriend. The longer she was on her way, the sadder she became. For me, it was a bit too 'skinny' as a story. So I added the idea of the little girl and the nuns.' A rather obvious choice for Steven: 'In a way, there are quite some similarities between the girls of Scala and a group of nuns. They are known as a group, not as individuals, nobody recognizes their faces, and they are always on the road together. They are dressed very plain and when they sing, they do not dance to the music.' For his first music video, Steven was inspired by Michael Dudok de Wit, of whom he is a big fan. 'We made aquarels for the backgrounds, the animations were made the traditional way, with paper and pencil. We scanned everything and used Photoshop and After Effects. All in all, we spent two months on production. We were lucky to be able to hire part of the crew of Brendan and the Secret of Kells, they had just finished their work at Walking the Dog.'raintearsSteven makes a living in the 'commercial' circuit, producing short animations for tv production companies. 'But it was a nice variation to be able to work on one project for a longer period of time'. _Watch Raintears here: www.scalachoir.comLink: