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Brussels Studios Reveal Animation Secrets

29 oktober 2007
Sunday 28th October, on the occasion of the International Day of Animation, three Brussels based studios opened up to give a behind-the-scenes tour to about 150 people.
The professionals were happy to share their passion, while visitors were thrilled by this unique opportunity. The three participating studios were carefully chosen in order to give visitors an idea of the variety within the animation industry.Walking The Dog demonstrated how to make a 2D animation feature, nWave Pictures dazzled its visitors with the wonders of stereoscopic 3D animation, while Beast Animation showed about every aspect of using stop-motion animation techniques in film. Beast Animation While the initiative received a lot of media coverage, the three participating studios were also pleased to see that quite a number of young people interested in studying animation showed up for the guided tour. nWave Pictures Watch the video report and meet Eric Dillens of nWave Pictures, Toon Roebben of Walking The Dog and Ben Tesseur of Beast Animation.